The Beginning…

So, I have been uhm-ing an ah-ing about writing this blog for quite some time now, but where do you start? I don’t know anything about creating a website! Besides, even if I did manage to stumble through that so-called easy process, who on earth would want to read my ramblings?

That being said, I woke up in the middle of the night one evening and my head was spinning with ideas! Eventually I had to get up and write some of it down!

Two problems… The first was that it was 5h30 on a Sunday morning, so if I got up it would have to be in stealth mode. I can’t wake the dogs or hubby or turn the house alarm off. (I could just picture the 2 dogs delighted faces, hear the shaking of ears and the running down the passage way like a stampeding herd of buffalo.) The second problem was, where am I going to find a pencil and paper in the dark plus a place I would be able to write it everything down…

Then I remembered, the girls were at my Mum’s house! So I snuck into their room, literally, switched on the light and squeezed my adult body into my 7 year old’s tiny writing desk. I scratched around and found a pencil (a sparkly one with a heart dangling from the end) and one of her notepads and I began to jot down everything that was spinning around in my head.

This was quite an appropriate beginning to my blog, as this truly is how things are in our house!