The ‘Surprise’ Parent Test

So it’s the middle of the night and I am fast asleep – awesome, right? Until I hear the kid’s bedroom door open… Our little 3 year old is by my bedside in T minus 5 seconds. ‘Mommy, my throat is sore.” “Go and have some water” I say, thinking she had slept on her back and her throat was dry. This, she does. Not 5 minutes later she is back by my bedside. “Mommy, my tummy is sore!” Now I am getting annoyed. “We have run out of the tummy tablets”, I tell her, “please go back to bed!” “Oh, and please stop waking Mommy up, I have work in the morning!” So she whimpers back to her bed. 5 more minutes and she comes out again. This time she is crying. “I vomited in my bed”, she says.

Ok, pausing right here, how awful do you think I feel right now? All I wanted was for her to go back to sleep so I could go back to sleep, and now the poor little urchin has been sick EVERYWHERE!

That said, I certainly pay for it! I have to change her clothes, clean her up and re-dress her. Then I make sure she is warm in MY bed while I strip hers, hose it down and put it straight into the washing machine… Then I need to clean the wall… I think you get the point!

Now logically, I know I am not a horrible person and that I love my daughter tremendously but I also know that I could have handled that better!

Don’t you ever feel like that? Like you have failed the parent test? The one you are given when you least expect it?

Best out of 20 I say!


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