The Queen and The Bum

So, we have 2 cats. Our female cat we got as a kitten. She is a Calico, white, grey and orange. She is 11 years old this year. Our male cat we got when he was a year old. He is a Tuxedo, black and white, and is 3 years old now.

Two VERY different cats!

Sheba, or as I like to call her, The Queen of Sheba, thinks she is just that – The Queen of all and sundry in the household and that we should all know our place. Our place, of course, is to devote our lives to her and to spend every waking moment serving her every need. For this she will tolerate our existence.

Toby, on the other hand is, well, odd! He begs you for attention by constantly crying and putting his front paws up on the kitchen cupboards. (They need to be cleaned every week as a result!) If you withdraw the attention before he has had his fill, he tries to pull your hand back with his claws. As a result, you get scratched!

Sheba is a true cat in that she cleans herself thoroughly and smells gorgeous and inviting. Toby, has no idea how to clean himself… I have started calling him ‘Sandy’ as that is what he smells like and he is mostly brown where he should be white…

It’s nice having animals with different personalities!

Ying Yang cropped


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