Shelter Pup – My Best Birthday Present!

Now the general rule of thumb is – DO NOT give an animal as a gift, as people sometimes aren’t ready for the responsibility. However, we had been planning for a large dog for quite some time. We had been living in a townhouse whose garden only allowed for 1 small dog (who is the nicest sweetest natured dog I have ever met!)

We moved into our first house 2 years ago, so for my birthday I asked my hubby for a puppy, one that would eventually be a big dog as a friend to our little dog. I trolled over the shelter Facebook albums, hoping to feel a connection to one of the homeless puppies they were trying to re-home. After about a month of searching, I was looking through an album on Kitty and Puppy Haven’s Facebook page.

There he was!

He was gorgeous! Cream and white curly fur, big soppy eyes and paws like saucers! We went to see him the following weekend and it was love at first sight for me! He was filthy as he had gotten wet and run amuck! (Warning bells should have sounded, but they didn’t!) I carried him on my lap the whole way home. They had named him Bentley. I liked Bentley!

Baby Ben cropped


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