A Warm Sensation

Ah! It’s Sunday morning! The birds are loving the warm weather and seem to get up earlier! So do the kids, but I try and look on the bright side. Every morning I feed the birds. We actually have a little bird sanctuary that my hubby has build. It is a cornered off piece of garden with 2 big trees in it and not much else. Slowly we are introducing flowers. It is also a plant hospital. Ben, our collie/retriever cross, digs up a plant every so often and we put these poor souls into the sanctuary to recover.

So this morning, like any other, I take out the uneaten crusts of sandwiches and the ‘toppers’ of the bread and go into the sanctuary and start breaking it up and putting it on the bird table.

Distracted, I feel something drop onto my foot. I think ‘What a cluts I am, dropping bread on my foot!’ But wait, it feels warm! I look down and realise that Ben is christening the bird table! Eeewww that’s disgusting!

I tell him as much and his hurt face sends me into laughter! Off to the laundry I go…



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