Our ‘Uninvited’ Guests

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than broken sleep. Being woken up in the middle of the night. I struggled with this with both of my kids. I have 2 dogs, the younger of the 2 still can’t seem to hold it, and as a consequence, I still get up at least once most nights to let him out.

Night 1:

So 1 evening I was woken up by the dogs being restless. I had not been asleep long – they couldn’t possibly need to go out already! But they were insistent, pacing up and down the house. Then I heard something plastic being pushed along the tiles. Then it occurred to me that one of the cats may have brought in a ‘present’. So up I get, disarm the alarm and I am still half asleep. There is a plastic dustbin in the kid’s bathroom, so I turn the light on. Either the dustbin has grown a tail, or the ‘present’ is still alive! So I stumble into the kitchen and get an enormous Tupperware. Firstly, I don’t won’t to touch it and secondly, I don’t want it to bite me either! So I close the bathroom door and face the dustbin with a tail. Now I move the bin and it scurries behind the cat box. Ok, it’s a wild rat. I move everything the poor thing can hide behind and it’s a standoff! It jumps 30cm in the air whilst trying to reach the door. I corner her in a corner and ease her into the Tupperware and gently put on the lid. ‘Are you ok?’ my hubby asks from the bedroom. ‘Ja, just catching a rat’, I say. So I take her outside into our cornered off part of the garden. I open the lid, expecting her to run like the wind… but she just sits there! So I unceremoniously tip her out and like a bullet out of a gun, she shoots UP the tree! A happy ending!

Night 2:

The VERY next night, my hubby and I are woken up so suddenly that we simultaneously are sitting up in bed, bolt upright, in T minus 3 seconds! CAT FIGHT! There are cats screaming and the dogs are ready for action! I struggle to disarm the alarm as I am fast asleep! Then we are in the kitchen and ‘something’ is hanging from the kitchen burglar bars on the window. There is a smell of cat wee and a smell of fear! Gingerly, I lift the blind covering the window and peek behind it. Behind it I find a beautiful cream cat with black eyes. ‘Is it one of ours?’ asks my hubby. ‘No, but he’s gorgeous!’ I say. (I interrupt here briefly. The last time we had ‘an intruder’ cat in our house, my hubby ended up in casualty and needed stitches and weekly tetanus shots – cost us a fortune!) So, he stands back this time holding the 35kg dog. I open the kitchen door and lift the blind. The cat leaps down and tries to get out the door, but the security gate isn’t open completely, so instead he climbs up the kitchen top and on top of the cupboards. Damn! How the hell am I going to get him off of there!   So I get a broom and put it up to the cat. Then I see how terrified he is. ‘I can’t bash him off, he is so scared’ I say to my hubby. As I have my back turned, he makes a run for it! I shout as our Staffie cross is on his tail! She is in kill mode and ignores me completely and chases him round the house. She is fast but he is faster! After a minute, my hubby lets the big dog go, so he thinks he has had a chance too! Dang, but the place smells funky now! We spend the next 15 minutes cleaning up the place and I know that the lovely cream cat is safe and, if he has sense, will never be back!

Now to try and get back to sleep…

Cat and Rat


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