The Wild Lizard and The Tame Lizard

We have a pro life kind of household. Everything gets a chance. If you don’t like it in the house, put it outside. A serious ‘no-kill’ policy. If any animal is injured it is mended back to health and set free.

So one weekend our cat brought in a skink lizard. I pounced on him and pried his jaws open. The skink didn’t look too bad – the cat was normally quite a gentle cat and he often caught lizards.

At the time my hubby had a bearded dragon. This was frowned upon by me for a very long time as it ate crickets, mealworms and silkworms. Live ones!

The skink was cold and if I put it outside when it wasn’t ‘fully charged’, the cat would just bring it in again. So I had a smashing idea! I would put him in a container in the Beardie’s lovely warm tank and when he was moving around a bit better, I would set him free!

So my eldest helped me find a container and we put the skink slap bang in the middle of the big warm tank. Initially, he sat statue still. Then he started to move a little. I thought he would need at least 20 minutes to warm up properly, so I carried on with other things and kept checking in on him.

Right, time was up and my eldest and I went to fetch the skink for his well earned freedom. To my horror, the container was empty! Damn, how was I going to catch it now? He would be fast and alert. I looked around the tank. “This was a clever one” I thought. I couldn’t find it! So I took off the lid of the tank, thinking he may be high up. No sign of him!

Then the realisation sank in and a sick feeling settled in my stomach.

I had just fed the bearded dragon a rather large lunch.

I found a YouTube video of how I thought things were going to turn out:


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