The Dreaded Party

It is that time of year that both my kids celebrate their birthdays and I feel the need to plan their party! That’s a lie actually – I dread planning parties! But I feel that it is a duty that has to be done. Like waking up for work or brushing your teeth.

Why can’t it be like when I was a kid? A couple of friends get dropped off at your house. You would play games like pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs etc., eat too many sweets and go home?

Now it is all venues, personalised cakes and tableware and you have to feed and entertain all the parents of the guests too!

What happened to mashing together some kids and letting them eat whatever they like and play some games?

Now it is like a chore! An expensive chore too! I have lists of things I need to remember and the budget running alongside it! Plus parents have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and either reply last minute or do not RSVP at all, resulting in them either pitching up unexpectedly or snubbing you completely!

My Mum was pushing me to organise the party (I always combine the girl’s party to save costs) as we have so many birthdays at this time of year that we need to set aside weekends for each person. I could feel myself stressing out – which venue, what are the hidden costs, what do they not offer that I would have to outsource… Then my Mum, probably hearing me freaking out a little said quietly “Do they have to have a party?”

“Of course they do!” I said what a ridiculous question! After I put the phone down though, her words rattled in my head. It was so tempting! No party! But I felt guilty. Surely they needed a party? So I ran it past my Hubby. “I think that’s a great idea”, he said. “Let’s rather take a day for each girl and make them feel special!”

The more I thought about it, the more I liked it! Instead of spending the money on the other kids and their parents, we could take each girl out and do something they would like to do and make the day about them. Isn’t that what a birthday party is about? Making the person feel special?

So this year it’s 2 days out instead of 1 big expensive party and I feel so much happier about it!


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