The First Time Sleep Over

Our eldest daughter is 7 years old. She is a kind, sweet person and she struggles to make friends. She is ‘socially awkward’. So when she asked if her friend could come for a ‘play date’, I said ‘Hell yeah!’ I thought nothing would come of it, as she isn’t great with following through with plans. Surprisingly it did happen! The little girl’s dad dropped her off on Saturday morning. Both of the girls were so excited! Even my youngest was excited! The girls played and watched TV ALL DAY. I was surprised by how well she fitted in with my 2 girls. My little one even managed to monopolise the little girl’s attention! Well, it went so well she ended up staying over.

Getting them to sleep was a different story. In the end, all 3 children had been shouted at and in silent, exhausted protest they passed out.

In the middle of the night one of them got up. “I had a nightmare!” she said. I thought it was my big one. I got up and gave her a cuddle and told her it was ok, it was just a dream. Then I went back to bed as she would normally come and lie with me a while before going back to bed. To my surprise she went back to bed! I went to check on her and found her getting into her friends bed. “Oh shame” I thought, “she wants the comfort of her friend!” So I went back to bed.

In the morning I asked her how long she had slept with her friend. She looked at me with a puzzled expression. “I didn’t leave my bed mommy.” I turned to her friend “Did you have a nightmare last night?” “Yes” she said with a cute little smile. Great, I didn’t even realise it wasn’t my own child crying in the middle of the night! Face palm…

On Monday afternoon when I picked my daughter up from school, one of her friends rushed up to me and said “Can I also come for a sleep over, please?”

HAHA, so the first time sleep over had been a success after all and the word had spread! My big girl grinned from ear to ear!

3 girls pajama


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