2 Funny Short Stories

My Birthday Party

This year I wanted a family get together at my Nanna’s house. She is 77 years old and cooks like a proper English woman – well! She is slower than she used to be, understandably, and it took her 2 days to hand make the pies that are my favourite! We pull in the driveway of my Grandparents house and I see there are balloons in the windows. We greet everyone and I walk into the dining room to see the spread and the decorations. Lovely blue and light blue balloons are tied all over the room. Wait a second – I read one of the balloons – ‘It’s a Boy?’ I turn around and my sister starts apologising – “It didn’t say anything on the packet” she explains. I think it’s screamingly funny and it makes my party start out even better than I had hoped for! We had a lovely meal and too much desert! It was getting to around 7h30 and I can’t hold it in anymore “So, no cake this year?” I tease. “Oh no! We forgot the cake!” My sister, Mum and Nan chime together. So they had remembered to get me a cake after all! A lovely end to a lovely party! Since we all work full time jobs, even my grandparents, the fact that they made the effort to get a cake and balloons and take 2 days preparation to host my party is so special!

I think I have a damn awesome family!

It's a boy balloon

Vector’s Dad

I am sitting at my desk at work. It is not far from the kitchen. Suddenly I can hear a lot of laughing and cackling coming from the kitchen. This not only does not stop, but it gets louder! So I get up from my desk and pop my head around the door. “What is so damn funny?” I ask. I thought there was a spider or something. Go and look in reception, one of the ladies says. So I walk to reception and as I walk in, a client walks in through the front door as well. I freeze for a millisecond, recover and then walk over to the receptionist, pretending to speak to him. The man who walked in is a young man, maybe in his early 30s. He is bald, except for 2 pieces of hair either side of his head above his ears that he has decided to dye a deep red colour and GEL UPWARDS as stiff as boards! He looks hilarious!!! We reach the reception desk at the same time and I let him speak first. He asks for one of our hotels. I look at the receptionist and he has gone a little pale and seems to have frozen. He is not sure what the man is asking him. I turn to the man and ask who he is looking for from the hotel. As I look at him and he looks at me, I can feel that dreadful feeling your mother installed in you. DO NOT LOOK AT THE HAIR. I try and be as polite and professional as I can be and in the end he had left something at the hotel in question and had come to collect it. Another lady comes into reception who knows where the item is and starts assisting him, so I walk out. But as I pass him and my back is too him, a huge grin is on my face and I am holding in the laughter!

I felt a little sorry for him. I always wonder why people try so very hard to stand out. There is standing out in a positive way and standing out in a negative way though and you need to be careful on which side of the line you stand!

Vectors Dad


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