The Naughty Mole

My eldest has a beautiful skin. It has a lovely brown hue, almost Mediterranean and in the sun she just goes browner! On her shin she has a large mole (beauty spot). There is nothing unusual about it, other than its size. Over the past few weeks, every now and then I would notice that she is scratching at her shin. So I asked her if the mole was bothering her, to which she replied yes, and if she would like it removed to which she, excitedly, said yes. (I don’t know who gets excited about having something cut off their body, but who am I to judge!)

So off we go to the Dermatologist. He is a rather tall, serious man who looks as if he last laughed in the 70s. Irrespective of his lack of emotion, he is still a nice man.

He looks at her mole under an electronic magnifying glass and declares that it is not a mole, but a wart. He suggests we put some antibiotic cream on it for it to heal and it will be fine.

This, however, is not what my daughter came here for. She ASKS him to remove it. ‘I don’t want it on my leg. I will just keep scratching it!’ she says. The doctor looks tired. ‘Ok’ he says ‘I will freeze it off.’ He explains to her about sitting still and that he will spray liquid nitrogen onto it for a few seconds and then it is all over. I tell you what, that child is made of strong stuff! She sat still, said ‘Ow’ and that was it! Made me so proud…

So we are in the waiting room and the Doc gets some cream off the shelf and adds another liquid to it and starts to mix it. We are all chatting. The receptionist, the Doc, my daughter and me, small talk. The couple behind us are his next patients and are waiting for their appointment. The Doc is done and puts the inner lid back into the cream. Unfortunately he pushes too hard and the cream squirts out – ALL OVER HIM! It’s on his face, his neck and from the top to the bottom of his shirt! The WHOLE waiting rooms burst into hysterical laughter, especially my daughter who thinks this is screamingly funny.

The Doc actually cracks a small grin and disappears to clean himself up. Needless to say my daughter only stopped laughing when we got into the car to go home…

Cream in face



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