The Benefits of Retail Therapy

I have been ill for a few days. I thought it was just a virus and I could self medicate – soldiering on at work and saving myself the exorbitant cost of a GP consultation. Then my eldest started with the same symptoms, so obviously I rushed off to the GP immediately! “This will only be cleared up with antibiotics”, he says, so I ask him to check me out too. Yup, I have the same dreaded lurgy, only mine is much worse. Shit! Suddenly I feel really sick, probably only because he tells me I am now!

I had plans to go Christmas shopping with my Mum the next day. Now, you must understand, my mum is a MARATHON shopper! A normal shopping day is 9am till 7pm and I will get home at 8pm! Now this is Christmas shopping – a whole different ball game. I was a little apprehensive, but I was feeling a bit better and I had a bridal shower to get to at lunch time, so it would only be a half marathon – I can do this! We started at 9am. I felt rubbish by the time we got to the first store and it was certainly no picnic being with me either. I morphed into a surly teenager grumbling about this and that. My Mum knows me so well though and was simultaneously sympathetic and urging me onwards.

We started at a huge wholesale store. Oh my word! Every man and his dog was there! We started going up and down the aisles slowly making my Mum’s Christmas list get smaller and smaller. I was less prepared and was looking for ideas. We were in that shop for nearly 2 hours! As I was standing in the queue, the queue that 90 degreed around the enormous store, I realised that I felt better! How could I possibly feel better? You would think that exerting yourself, 30 degree heat and a shop full to the brim of shoppers, including crying unhappy children, would have made a healthy person feel ill and certainly not an ill person feel better!

So as I was standing in the queue from hell, I got to pondering about it. As shallow as it may sound, maybe I got a kick out spending money. My hard earned money that I work my butt off every day to get so that I am able to spend it on other people, buying them gifts to make their Christmas special. Yes, I did feel better and I think retail therapy really works! The feeling may not last but it is good while it does!



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