The Passing

This week, nothing has affected me as much as Nelson Mandela peacefully passing away in the night on Thursday the 5th December… So it is the one thing that is on my mind and the only thing I feel right blogging about.

I was feeling really tired on Thursday, I am always tired, but Thursday I was shattered! So I went to sleep at 20h30. Yes, I know – I am not proud… When I awoke the next morning I had a lot of Facebook notifications, a lot more than usual. I started going through them as that is one of the things I do to try and wake myself up in the morning. The first one I read was about Nelson Mandela passing away. I didn’t believe it. I read the next notification, same thing. I think I read at least 5 different posts before I started to believe it!

As it started to dawn on me, my stomach felt like a piece of lead and my heart felt like someone was trying to squeeze it, and it hurt. The tears started running down my face and I felt a genuine sadness. It was just after 5am in the morning and I realised that the posts I was reading were from my friends overseas and that he must have passed away in the night.

When I woke my hubby, I told him and it made him sad too. My eldest was awake. I knew she would find out that day at school, so I thought it better that she heard it from me. “Nelson Mandela died honey” I told her. “Oh no” she said, “and I never got to meet him!” “I know darling, neither did I” I said.

I cried on my way to work and put a CD on in the car – I could not listen to the radio – EVERYONE on EVERY station was talking about him. Even the most professional DJs had lumps in their throats.

When I got to work the mood was sombre. I work for a hotel management company. All the executives were grim. Meetings were cancelled and plans that had been drafted months ago were put into place. The influx of mourners and people wanting to pay their respects is expected to be huge. Those people will need to stay somewhere. Most of the sales team had been up since 2am and were like puffy eyed zombies by the time they got into work.

I can honestly say that most people took it hard and the people who didn’t seem to, just hid it well. It was the worst day this year by far!

When I got home the 3 local TV channels had cancelled all viewing and were only broadcasting the national anthem and pieces about Tata Mandela. There was a special news room created and all they did was report on him for the entire day.

It is days later and it still hurts. The radio stations keep playing songs about loss and heart break and they are still talking about him. The country seems to be frozen in a morbid time zone, and yet no one feels like they can move forward yet. He may have passed on, but he lives on in each South African and we miss him terribly.

Rest in Peace Tata Madiba X



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