5 Minutes Late

Finally it is my favorite time of year – Holiday Time! All those months of hard work have paid off! I am feeling extremely tired and worn out and it is time to relax and recharge. This year we have actually got a holiday planned, we are going to Cape Town to visit our family! Normally we just stay home for the holidays, but we
haven’t seen our family in Cape Town for so long that it was a no-brainer that we were going to impose on them this year!

We bought our aeroplane tickets in May, so we were determined! We were flying really early on Sunday morning and had both finished work on Friday which gave us Saturday to get organised and packed. In hind sight I doubt a week would have been enough time for our family to get organised…

Sunday morning arrived! We all woke up in time and the kids were awesome! It was the little one’s first flight! They got up with no grumbling and were ready in no time at all. In what seemed like 2 minutes we were off!

There was hardly any traffic and we seemed to fly and land at the airport! We had to leave our car there as we would need it on our return, but for love or money we could not find a parking space! Finally we spotted one – uncovered, but we didn’t care by this point! A man in a golf cart was right there and loaded us and all our luggage onto the golf cart. It was a LONG walk up to the airport!

He dropped us right outside the front doors and we bungled inside. We were first in the queue! A lady came up to us ‘which flight are you on?’ She asked. We told her. ‘Oh, you are late,’ she said ‘Checking in has closed already, you have missed the flight!’ We all just stared at her. ‘What do you mean, we are only 5 minutes late?’ My hubby said. ‘Yes, 5 minutes past last call!’ She said. We all stood, dumbstruck. We had mistimed this completely! And 5 minutes looking for a parking space had cost us our chances of going on holiday for the first time in years! To add fuel to the flame we had my hubby’s dad with us who was visiting us from Poland and both our little girls who had been looking forward to this trip immensely…

Defeated, we walked over to the check-in counter to try and get on another flight. In my heart, I knew there were no more flights. I am an eternal optimist but I am also a realist. We stood there forever, the man behind the counter was checking flights on Wednesday already! Suddenly a man came up behind us. ‘We are holding the flight for you, if you run, you can make it!’ Run? We would have done cartwheels to get there! Man did we bolt! Carrying kids and speedy with trolleys! We had made our flight! We couldn’t believe it! I think we only started breathing when we were in the air! Once we could take our seat belts off, and breathe, a lady came up to me, she was a passenger. ‘We won a R50 voucher when we booked our tickets. I would like you to have it so you can buy your kids something.’ Gob smacked, ‘Thank you so much!’ I said!

I couldn’t believe our luck this morning and I was genuinely grateful! What a good way to start our holiday, with the good will of complete strangers!



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