The Chicken that Crossed the Road

So, I took my best friend for our last bit of Christmas shopping. The shops were nightmare-ishly busy and the shelves were low on stock. We got everything we needed and headed home. We were in my car and plodding along down the road. Suddenly and excitedly she shouts. “I just saw a chicken cross the road!” We burst into school girl giggling for a bit and then she says “Go down this road and we will come round from behind the chicken and see it!” This I do and the car goes into ninja mode (only in my head as nothing has actually changed but the speed of the car.)

As we slowly round the corner there are baby chickens sprawled across both sides of the road. I stop the car in the middle of the road. The little chicks nervously dash across the road one by one. They are not tiny and yellow but have their mother’s plumage and are really quite fancy looking! They are damn cute too! Then we see the Mum chicken and she is gorgeous! She is dappled white, looks as if she is wearing snow boots and there are feathers covering her feet. “These can’t be all her chicks” I say, “There are too many!”

Not two minutes after I say this the ‘other mother’ appears on the left hand side. She is even more beautiful, a little smaller and dappled brown. “Get closer”, my bestie says, “but go slowly, I want to take a picture.” So I drop the car from Ninja mode into Kit stealth mode and roll incredibly slowly forward. The chicken and her brood do not seem to mind us and I edge closer still. She gets her photo and then I get too close for the mother. She darts across the road and the chicks follow her. I think there were about 12 little ones following her! They literally disappear into the bushes and we start to go.

As we get closer to the end of the road, we see the initial culprit on the side of the road. It is a third mother chicken and the original chicken that she saw. “There is the chicken that crossed the road!” I say. We burst into laughter and laugh all the way home!



3 responses to “The Chicken that Crossed the Road

  1. Oh what an enjoyable post. Now we know that chickens can cross the road and why they do so, one of life’s great mysteries has now been solved. In relation to this did you spot my post called “How to Help a chicken cross the road”. It was written in response to a news article reporting the supply of HI Visibility jackets for chickens, and I think you might find it quite fun

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