The Fish who thinks he’s a Shark

We have a goldfish at work. It belongs to our Group Revenue Manager and hence his name is GOPPAR which is an acronym for ‘gross operating profit per available room’. Yes, quite a mouthful for such a little chap. He is a really sweet little thing and when he thinks you are not looking he swims around frantically as if he were in a huge lake all to himself.

Our GRM was off to the sea for her holiday and so I offered to fish sit GOPPAR while she was away and while the office was closed. So on the last day of work I packed him all up and drove him home.

I plopped the goldfish bowl on our kitchen counter, which is quite large, filled it with water and plopped him into it – much to the delight of the children! He was quite wary at first but by the evening he was swimming around happily.

As the days went on, however, he swam around less and hid under his big green plant more. “Shame, he is not very happy”, I thought to myself. It is not unusual for a fish to take a while to settle into new surroundings, but a week and a half went by and if anything, he was getting worse. I couldn’t figure out why he was so unhappy! Clearly I had lost my touch and was failing him as a step-mother!

I was at the dining room table one morning, writing my blog funny enough, and I looked up from my PC, trying to phrase something in my mind, and glance over at GOPPAR.

There I saw Toby, our black and white cat, drinking from the fishbowl! When I say drinking, he was just short of climbing into the bowl! “Shew Toby!” I moaned at him. No wonder the fish was hiding! The poor thing thought he was going to be gobbled up at any time!

So I took one of the kid’s plastic plates and placed it on top of the bowl at an angle so air it would still get in. After a day he was swimming around again, pretending to be a shark or something!

It always amazes me that if we just stop and observe the world around us, the answer very often appears before you!



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