The Dreaded New Year’s Resolution

As the New Year starts, so do everybody’s New Year’s resolutions. Most people want to lose weight or get fit. Some want to quit smoking or get a better job or start saving money. Everyone has these high, and sometimes unattainable, hopes. It is like a New Year is magically a new start and the slate may be wiped clean in certain areas of your life so that you may start over!

I was chatting with some work mates about this as we were starting our first week back at work. We all agreed that most of our new year’s resolutions had flopped and died very quick deaths. As a result, none of us had really made any commitment to a new year’s resolution this year! The closest we got was to resolve to make a resolution!

Then one of the guys piped up that if he has a resolution that he wants to strive towards, he makes that resolution any time of the year. I think that is quite sensible really! If you are really serious about doing something – what are you waiting for? January so that you may label your resolution? That’s just silly!

I certainly don’t have a resolution this year! I have more like guidelines of what I want to achieve. They are all simple and attainable and I am sure to most people they seem trivial. They are like mini goals I have set for myself.

They do not include a new car, a washboard stomach, stopping swearing or meditating everyday for at least 15 minutes! They are subtle changes that I want to make, to make myself and those around me a bit happier.

They include being more patient and caring with everybody, making more time for my Hubby and having more time for myself in all aspects of life. So actually it sounds like I would like to work on my time management and how I deal with things and react to them.

The only reason I have any at all was seeing how I am when I am on leave without the stress of work and time constraints. I am much more relaxed, patient and happier.

My mini goals are vague, aren’t they? And I like it like that!



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