Not Everything Is As It Seems

My best friend’s birthday was coming up. I had no idea what to get her so I decided to do something novel and just ask her! She had previously bought some fairy snow lights for her silk tree. They were pretty awesome since they are completely solar powered. Her silk tree is quite large though and the lights seemed a bit lost in it. So for her birthday she wanted some more lights for the tree.

So I hop onto one of my favourite organic sites, Faithful to Nature, and ordered them straight away. It takes a couple of days for orders to get to me as they are in Cape Town and I live in Johannesburg but I had plenty of time and was actually organised for a change!

The order arrived at my work and I was so excited! I whisked the box off to my desk and opened it. Everyone wanted to see what was in the box. I was showing the lights to a colleague when the intern, who sits next to me, starts to chuckle. He is a very nice chap and is very young. So I rise to the bait and ask him what is so funny.

“You order your panty liners in bulk?” he giggles, literally. I look at him as if he is speaking French and so he points to the box on my desk. I take a closer look at the box on my desk. As true as Bob, on the box it says “Natural Curved Panty Liners” on EVERY side of the box. I immediately go scarlet and everyone starts to laugh.

I look at the top of the box and someone has written on the box in faint marker. It says “I’m a recycled & reused box and I love that :)”. So I turn to the intern and say to him “Well, it could have been worse. It could have said Durex on the side! That would have made me a very busy woman!”

When I left the building I used every part of my body to conceal the writing on EVERY side of the box and when I got home I recycled it, immediately!

Recycled Box

Faithful to Nature –


2 responses to “Not Everything Is As It Seems

  1. Ooops, how unfortunate, but at least it brought about a a laugh and a smile. I recall years ago I wrote article about blood grouping and I meant to write down the word “circumscribe”

    Regrettably this was in the days of old fashioned typewriters, I’m a poor typist and keyboard operator (thank god for spell check), and my fingers slipped. So it was that word circumscribe came out as circumcise, and you can imagine the mirth that such a “little slip caused”, especially within the medical fraternity where I worked

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