Being a Hypocrite

My best friend and I have a hobby. It’s debunking spam e-mails that 90% of the population just forward/repost/retweet on without checking out the facts. Like “Forward this onto 10 friends and Bill Gates will give you $1 000 000!” We are so good at debunking these sad e-mails that some people have stopped e-mailing us altogether. That’s not really a bad thing either.

So, she posts this pic on Facebook which I immediately steal and send to my Hubby, as I think it is screamingly funny! (See below.) Wahahahaha!

Son what did u do wrong

A few days later I see a tweet stating: “Two giant underwater pyramids, made of thick glass, found in the centre of the Bermuda Triangle” “Really”, I think to myself, “that’s totally rocking!” “But wait, is it true?” I haven’t heard anything else about it. Since I adore anything old Egyptian, I copy the link and send it to my bestie and my Hubby.

Here is the link: 2 Glass Underwater Pyramids

Well, it didn’t take long and my mate sends me an e-mail saying “I’m sure if it were true it would be a major thing and publicised extensively see link below…” with a link from Snopes stating “Claim: Scientists have found a crystal pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle.” And right underneath is bold red it says “FALSE”.

Here is the link: Snopes: Rumor Has it

Don’t I feel like a chop now! She doesn’t rub my nose in it at all and I am quite disappointed it is not true as that would have been so awesome!

When I get home, however, my Hubby does not let me off so lightly! We have a laugh about it and at least I may make you laugh too!

It’s not the same now that my best friend and I don’t work together anymore! Maybe we should throw in each of our towels and start a debunking/detective agency!

She will have to take lead though!


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