The World’s Strangest Book

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I found this truly fascinating! I am off to find out more about it using my old friend Google now…


atkins-bookshelf-books The Codex Seraphinianus  (translated from the Latin: “the book of Serafini”) by Luigi Serafini, an Italian artist, architect, and designer, is impossible to classify — there is no agreement whether it is an art book, an art object, a book of fantasy or of science fiction; nevertheless it has earned the distinction of being one of the strangest books in the world. This colorful, fantastical book is highly coveted by bibliophiles — it has consistently ranked in the list of the most searched books on BookFinder over the last three decades. Book collectors must be prepared to dig deep — the cost of a rare first edition, published in two over-sized volumes (9.5 x 14 inches, 360 pages long, limited to 4,000 numbered copies) by Italian printer Franco Maria Ricci in 1981 can cost more than $10,000. Due to the book’s popularity, a single edition was published in America by Abbeville…

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