The Changing of the Seasons

Every year, we have the changing of seasons. Summer to Autumn is the big one in our household. Going from warm to cold. Sliding from slip slops into boots. Salads to stews.

Every year I go with the flow. A change is as good as a holiday, or so they say. It is nice to start wearing warmer clothes, eating ‘winter’ dishes and doing different things according to the season, isn’t it?

Not this year. This year the change of the season has come early. Our last month of Summer has had so much rain, cloudy skies and chilly breezes that I feel robbed of my last month of ‘fun in the sun’ and who wants Autumn to come early anyway?

This change of the season not only brings the cold, of which I am not a great fan, but it also brings 2 other changes. Firstly my Hubby is Bi-Polar, so he gets on his yearly rollercoaster, that neither he nor I like much. Secondly everybody gets sick. So far my Hubby is doing well on his rollercoaster. But in the health department we have each had a round in the ring against some sort of virus or bacteria!

All that being said, I feel as if I have inadvertently gotten on my own funfair ride. I have gotten on the ‘I am going to feel completely suspended from reality’ ride. I feel completely disconnected and quite disinterested in the world around me. It is not a ride I am enjoying but I don’t know how to get off!

I love writing my blogs, otherwise I wouldn’t write them, but I didn’t do one last week and it barely bothered me. I am literally floating through the days as if I were in a dream and they all feel the same. I am also fully aware that I need to ‘snap out of it’, I just haven’t figured out how just yet.

So although this is definitely not my most interesting or animated blog, I am writing this in protest of being in the weird timeless place I find myself.

Funfair shells


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