An Unhealthy Habit

I am fortunate enough to have an iPad. It was a gift actually. Initially I had no use for it and it sat in the cupboard. My Hubby set it up and tried to get me to use it. We did not have the correct internet facilities to use it you see, so it stayed in the cupboard.

Well last year December we finally got Wi-Fi in our house – so cool! Anyway, so now we don’t have to plug anything in and I can use the iPad properly.

I love Facebook games, so I started downloading games for all of us from the App Store for the iPad. The kids and my Hubby loved it! Eventually whilst trolling through the App Store, I found a game that looked interesting for me – a Hidden Mystery game! It was completely free too.

After some time I found lots of games I liked to play. So 2 weeks ago I went a little ‘hermitty’ and started playing every evening after the girls went down. It turned into a real habit. Like a fix that I needed, badly. I got cranky if I didn’t have enough time to play the specific games I was into. I would snatch moments to quickly play a bit on weekends too.

Then I noticed that if I played for a while and was interrupted by the girls or the dogs I was really short and snippy with them. I ignored this for a while and then I noticed that it happened pretty much every time I was interrupted!

This was as bad as being a druggy or an alcoholic! I am ignoring the ones I love to sneak off and play games! I was thinking about it at random times, thinking about when I can play on it next! My thoughts became fuzzy and it was like an obsession! Technology had become my drug!

So for the next week I kept playing on the iPad to an absolute minimum and if something that breathed needed my attention I put the iPad down and they got my full attention.
My brain started to clear and I could think straight again. So now I always give people my attention, as a game is nowhere near as important as my kids, Hubby or pets!

Who knew that playing games was detrimental to your health and happiness! It was such an easy trap to fall into!

An escape from reality that took you away from reality in the worst kind of way!



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