Disappointment will NOT deter me!

There are some things in life that you need to put a decent amount of thought into. More than sleeping on it, more than just wanting it, more than just going for it…

Things like moving in together with someone, buying a car, moving overseas or getting inked.

With my first tattoo, I just knew I wanted one! I saved up some money and my boyfriend and I went into town. The shop was on Rocky Street (with a drug dealer on every corner) and we were just 18. We went in, chose our tattoos and had them done. I am still not sure how sober our tattoo artist really was, but he did 2 awesome tattoos all the same.

My second tattoo was for our 5 year anniversary. This time we went to a shop in a shopping centre which was a lot more respectable! We each chose one and had it done. (I still think my first one is of a higher calibre!)

So the years have gone by, my boyfriend is now my husband and we have 2 kids and a home loan and work steady jobs. There has always been something better to spend our money on than tattoos. Nappies, doctor’s bills, car repairs – you name it!

Still, I have been dreaming about my next tattoo… As anyone who has ever had a tattoo will tell you, you can’t just have one, it’s addictive!

The trouble is, I know the tattoo I want, I just wasn’t sure where I wanted it and so I waited. There is no hurry to be tattooed in the sense that you have to love that sketch or picture with every fibre of your being and you have to know in the bottom of your very soul that you truly want it permanently inked on your body.

I have been sitting on the decision for over 3 years. Last year December, I finally figured out where I wanted it on my body! My best friend knows a brilliant tattoo artist and she went with me to make the appointment. I had to wait a bit, as, being a good artist, he is fully booked!

Unfortunately I had to cancel my appointment! I had an allergic skin reaction – I still don’t know what caused it – and my doc said I had to wait 6 weeks! I was miff (South African for upset) but what could I do?

This blog was supposed to be about finally getting my dream tattoo… but it’s not…

My appointment was for this past weekend, but I didn’t go. He cancelled on me as he was ill!

The lady on the other end of the phone was extremely nervous and apologetic telling me and then she had to find a new date for me – it’s 6 weeks from now. 6 more weeks to wait!

Now you might be thinking ‘What’s 6 more weeks, when you have been waiting for 3 years?’ Your right, it’s nothing in the grander scheme of things. I was just so damn excited and you know when you are excited, you tell everybody. And everybody wants to know how it went and can you send them a picture and how does it look and…

So, I write my blog of disappointment – yes, I did cry about it like a 5 year old.

Some of you might be like ‘Shew, maybe that’s a sign? Maybe you should go to someone else?’

For me it is a test of will power and patience, not a sign. A tattoo artist is not like a doctor – just go to another one if you can’t get an appointment. A tattoo artist needs to be chosen and gifted with the honour of permanently inking your chosen dream onto your skin forever.

So, I leave you with my drawing and a promise to write an updated blog when it is finally my turn to have my dream come true.

Oh and one last thing – no, it does not symbolise anything. (I am so tired of people asking me that!) I like the picture and I will be altering it slightly, but it has no hidden meaning or greater purpose than being a beautiful drawing.

Sorry to disappoint anyone but I am not that deep!



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