Making the most of it

I have just come back to work after having 4 straight days off for the Easter weekend.

Man I feel great! I really needed that break!

In the morning at our offices, everyone is chipper, talking about their weekends and reminising in the memory of having spare time to do just what you want!

‘I wish every weekend was a 4 day weekend!’ more than one person has said to me!

Even our eldest daughter really battled to see any good in today. ‘I would rather stay at home!’ she said as I nagged for the 10th time for her to raise from the dead.

My Hubby texts me this morning that there is zero enthusiasm at his work place today!

As the day goes on, my collegues start to look tired. Working, even a desk job, is tiring!

I know that by tomorrow the resentment would have started to set in.

Humans are so funny! We love to complain and rarely appreciate things or pay compliments!

I have learnt (the hard way) over the years to count my blessings and to make the most of the time I have. Even at work I am the office clown and I am always trying to make people laugh!

There is not enough time on this planet to be negative and to let time slip by unused or unappreciated! You always hear people saying ‘You never know how long you will be here, so make the most of every day!’

Initially it can be tiring to make the most of everyday, but with practice I feel as if even the little things have started to bring me happiness!

This weekend for example. My Hubby and I played playstation for about 8-9 hours like a couple of teenagers. We sat in the sun watching the birds eat the berries off of the tree, took naps, played iPad games, ate lovely different meals at home and generally just ‘were’! We did nothing terribly exciting or note worthy…

Best weekend so far this year!



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