A Dream Realised

I was at work and my cell phone rang. It was the tattoo studio! My stomach twisted into a knot! Every time I got a call from them it was either there was an earlier appointment available – always at a ridiculous time I could not possibly make – or they were calling to cancel and reschedule my long awaited appointment. I had already had 2 rescheduled appointments and these had set me back almost 5 months. Here is my previous blog about my disappointment plus the picture I was working from 🙂 https://dragonladysa.wordpress.com/2014/03/25/disappointment-will-not-deter-me/

Gingerly I answered the phone. She was calling to let me know there had been a cancellation, would I like to take it. (Shew, at least she wasn’t cancelling my appointment!) It was this Saturday (I was booked for the following Saturday, so it was just a week earlier than I was expecting) I called my best friend to see if she could make it and she said she would definitely be there if only just for the beginning. Then I messaged my Hubby, as he would be on babysitting duty and he told me to go for it! So I took it but I tried not to get too excited in case things changed. My sister was so excited when I told her that she said she would be there to take over from my Bestie on the day. Support group sorted!

But Saturday morning came and the appointment was still on! My Hubby and some close friends wished me luck and my best buddy and I arrived at the studio at the same time.

My artist’s name is Lew. He looked at the picture and suggested I change the tree and crows – inside my head I laughed, as I had had this tree in my mind for more than 3 years and there was no way I was changing it! I let him show me some better crows though.

I am quite a fussy person when it comes to some things. Permanently inking myself is one of them. It took me a while to choose 4 crows and even longer on where to position them around the tree! Then he moved one crow and I exclaimed ‘That’s it Lew!’ He immediately printed it before anyone could disagree and there it was!

My sister arrives, secretly hoping I am all done and we can just go for coffee. To her horror I haven’t even started!

He traced the picture and placed it on my leg, the side of my right calf. It was smaller than I had envisaged but I realised that if it had been the size I had pictured, it would have wrapped around my leg… not so cool!

‘You happy’? He asked. ‘Yes, let’s do this Lew’ I said. I was anxious and excited all at once. I have had tattoos in the past but the last was 13 years ago. I remember they were painful but I had forgotten what kind of pain it was. I hoped I would be able to cope with it and not have hours of agony.

As soon as the gun touched my skin the memories of the pain are in my head instantly! I remember this! I also know it is a pain I can tolerate. So I feel better. My sister is standing 2 meters away almost hiding behind my friend – this is not her sort of thing at all! Half way through the tattoo however she is up close and personal and is snapping progress pics for me!

I don’t think we stopped joking and laughing once. Lew has quite a wicked sense of humour and my sister and BFF can take and make a good joke too!

An hour later it’s all over and I stand up to look at it in the mirror. I can’t believe it’s there! It feels as if I am in a dream, a dream that I have been dreaming for years!

There is never a good time to have a baby or a tattoo, you can never afford either. So when you have decided it is definitely what you want you need to go for it.

I won’t wait so long for my next tattoo!

Tree Tattoo 1


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