Dragons are Real!

One morning this week I woke up as usual and started doing my morning routine of feeding the wild birds and making the girls and us lunches for the day. I woke the girls up with their morning juice. (Yuk I know but they will not have anything else!)

So I put the heater on in each girl’s room and lay out their clothes for school. Sleepy eyed they sidewind out of bed and plonk in front of the heater and start to really wake up.

I carry on, finishing up the lunches and once I am done I go through to make sure they are not day dreaming and have actually started to get ready.

The little one is dressing. Great! The big one is on her cell phone. Now she has no sim card, so she cannot use the phone as such, but she uses it to take photos, videos, sound clips etc. Our little director, very much, uncut.

Before I can moan at her to put it down and get dressed, she looks up at me with eyes of wonder. ‘Mom’, she says, ‘Dragons and mermaids are real!’

Ok, pause.

I do battle with building the imagination of my kids versus being realistic. I was brought up with a lot of myth and legend and stories and even though I slowly realised that most of it was just that, I still to this day love it all! I really want that for my kids.

My sister and I would play for hours in imaginary worlds we would create together and I find myself floating off to my own imaginary worlds sometimes, even though I am supposed to be ‘a grown up’.

My Hubby was not brought up like this at all, but he indulges me and has let me fill our girl’s heads with dragons and trolls and fairies.

Back to present day.

‘Mom, I am serious!’ she exclaims. I looked on the Google and they are all there! Look Mom, these pictures were taken yesterday…” She leaps up and shows me her phone. I see pictures of realistic looking dragons, lots of them. Then I look at her and her eyes are sparking and she has a smile from ear to ear.

I cannot do it. I cannot tell her that those are not pictures of real dragons. She is a smart, serious child who has literally grilled me about the tooth fairy. I cannot take this away from her even though logically I should set her straight.

‘Wow!’ I say and that is all I say in case I betray the conflict inside of me.

‘You can tell me all about it in the car’ I say. ‘Get dressed now.’

I tell my Hubby and he smiles. Once she is dressed, she shows her dad. ‘Wow, really?’ he says.

Man I was so proud of him! I know that his gut feel must have been to bring her down to earth as he is a logical person. A man of reason and science. He does love fantasy though.

I guess I have rubbed off on all three of them!

So for now, in this house there are real dragons and mermaids and fairies and all things magical and it will always be like that for me…!

real dragon


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