Goodbye FUNK!

I had a dream the other night, a tiring dream. In my dream I had gotten up too late and so had not had time to make the girls lunches for school. So, in my dream, I decided to go to the shops on the way to their school and buy them something for lunch.

I am standing in the isle of a medium sized supermarket that I don’t recognise and I just have this helpless feeling, like I just don’t care. This is my responsibility though and so I force myself to look through the shelves and try and choose something for the kids to eat.

My brain is hurting in the dream. I don’t care so much that it is hurting me to concentrate so hard. My mind is wandering like a revolving door and I am battling to focus.

The kids are running around the supermarket and they look only half dressed. I don’t even care what they are doing. Then I realise that I am only half dressed and am wearing my dressing gown and it is dragging on the supermarket floor.

I gaze back at the shelves but everything is unhealthy. I am struggling and I can’t find what I need and so start to settle on items I would not normally give the girls.

Then my alarm goes off and unlike yesterday I do not roll off back to sleep but get up rather quickly so my nightmare does not become my reality.

Later on I thought about the dream and I thought about myself. I realised that I am in a real funk lately but I have no idea why and I don’t know what is causing it.

Winter does cause me to hibernate! I turn into a bear. I am not so eager to get together with friends, stay late to anything or go out at night, should I magically turn into a pumpkin. Sleep is like gold and I try to get as much of it as possible!

I feel as if I don’t have enough ‘me’ time and I am pretty grumpy about it.

However, I woke up this morning and I had literally had the best sleep I have had ALL YEAR. There are remnants of my ‘funk’ still in my subconscious but I have decided to ignore them completely! What is the point of letting something affect you if you don’t even know the cause of it?

So to assist my funk to bugger off I have TAKEN some me time to write this. Hopefully the funk and the bad dream can hold hands and ride off into the sunset and never look back!

funk-furious fists


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