The Monday from HELL!

It was Monday and it was a bad day. The day was too short for the volume of work and everything seemed to be going wrong! Work was insanely busy.

The lady who does our payroll will be going on maternity leave in a few months. They have asked me to fill in for her whilst she is away with her new little baby and so, I spent my Monday training.

The system is brand new to me. The amount of things I had to remember and crucial items I can never forget was almost overwhelming! However, I really enjoyed the training and I was looking forward to continuing it the following day.

It took up half my day and, it being a Monday, I still had a full day of my work to do, which I managed to complete – like a boss!

So I left work late, which means more traffic and that adds to the tiredness that was stalking up on me.

Once I got home however, the day went from challenging to brutal.

We had no water. The cables that run power to the water reservoirs had been stolen so they were unable to pump out any water. This had happened at 10am. Now it was 6pm and getting dark.

The likelihood of us having water that evening was practically zero.

SO, we threw the girls into the swimming pool. Cruel I know, but if you had seen them you would have done the same thing!

We have bottled water for drinking so we were able to cook dinner.

I was miff (South African for ‘rather upset’) though. I REALLY needed to wash my hair and I was so looking forward to my warm shower!

My Hubby told me not to worry. ‘The geyser is full of hot water, so we will have very quick shower’ he said.
Satisfied, we both went to shower. I always shower first as I have to blow dry my hair afterwards. So we put the shower on and cold water starts coming out. I am waiting for it to warm up and my Hubby says ‘quick, jump in and start, it will warm up and we don’t have much time.’

So, I jump in and, rather miserably, start washing my hair. It’s freezing cold and it is NOT warming up! Then the water pressure starts to lessen until, to my HORROR, the water stops.

My head is covered in shampoo and I am standing in the shower, freezing my butt off.

‘Now what must I do?’ I ask my Hubby. After a few seconds I start to laugh loudly and then, hysterically!
My Hubby starts to laugh as well. I look ridiculous standing there.

He disappears to fetch some bottled water.

While I am laughing and waiting, I think to myself – stuff it – and I get down on my hands and knees. My Hubby had the foresight to put the bath plug in and there are a few centimetres of nasty, soapy, cold water in the bath.

Whilst still giggling like a teenager, I start splashing around like a beached fish, attempting to wash the shampoo out of my hair. It ain’t a pretty sight and when my Hubby comes back with some bottled water he stars to laugh as well.

I wash everything that was a necessity, pretending I am in a cold lake in a far off island and get out, shivering and looking like a drowned rat.

I warm up and get dressed. It took me so long to warm up that by the time I am in my PJs, the water has come back on.

My Hubby graciously steps aside and I have a hot shower.


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