Puncture Puppies!

Last night the dogs were barking. That’s good, right? Vicious guard dogs that they are! This was a different bark though, a serious bark. My Hubby says to me “There are bloody dogs running around and their annoying our dogs!”

Now I had seen a Jack Russell cross running around earlier. I had stopped the car and called to him. He looked at me offended, barked aggressively and ran off to his house.

So I picked up the torch and the house keys and went outside.

I feel like a tool. An interfering, silly, tree hugging, white chick. I am never really sure what the plan is when it comes to strays and I always feel stupid.

Can you picture it? Nice suburban area – crazy white chick at night with a torch chasing dogs? Even the security companies avoided me. Not very reassuring…

I couldn’t see him so I walked around the corner. I crouched down and shone the torch. The reflective eyes of a small dog blinked back at me.

I walked slowly up to him. And him turned into them. 2 gorgeous Fox Terrier / Jack Russell cross puppies. They were brothers.

They were hanging around the entrance to a house. I assumed it was their home and they couldn’t get back inside. There was no bell. So, I shouted and banged on all three doors. This just adds to my feeling of behaving like an idiot… Of course, no one answers. On the bright side at least I wasn’t arrested…

So I walk up the road to the vet and ring the bell – in vain. No one answers.

So, defeated, I walk home, my 2 new shadows in tow. Our dogs go bananas and try to snap and bite at the puppies from behind the gate.

I go inside the house with our dogs my Hubby locks the security gate. Then he says to me “Your dogs have followed you!” I turn around and they are in our courtyard!

I tuck the girls into bed and grab my car keys. I can’t risk our dogs going out later and attacking them and they have zero street sense. “I’m off to the SPCA” I say. My Hubby scowls at me. He hates a break in routine.

I catch them easily and off we go. They climb ALL over me as we drive. So I drive slowly, especially when one is across BOTH my arms and the other is trying to climb on the steering wheel!

I get to the SPCA and call the number on the gate. This lovely man answers, opens up for me and ushers us inside. He helps me get the puppies out of the car and into a pen. While I fill out forms he gives them food and water.

They are screaming, feeling betrayed by me, but I know they are safer there for the evening than on the street.

I say my goodbyes with a heavy heart – they were totally lovely little things!

As I pull out onto the road, I hear a bang. “Shit, I have probably bumped my car on the side of the road” I think to myself. There is quite an incline and where the dirt road meets the tar road there is a rather large difference in their heights.

As I pull off from a robot (traffic light to everyone not in SA), the left wheel seems to be struggling to grip. I curse my old car as I drive like a grandma home. (I dislike driving at night.)

Once I am safely home I pop out of the car. I can hear a loud hissing noise. I have punctured a tyre!
A lot of swear words spew from my mouth, but only softly as the kids are sleeping.

I tell my Hubby and to my surprise he is as cool as a cucumber!

In the morning he changes the tyre for me with no complaints too.

I really am so lucky to have him, my Grinch.

Unfortunately, I now have to buy a new tyre… but they were so cute…!



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