One lost shoe

Like most women, I adore shoes. I have way too many and I don’t see a problem with that!

I don’t know what it is about a lost shoe, but they just make me feel sad and lonely!

I don’t mean my own shoes. I mean the odd random shoe that somehow gets left behind.
Four examples come to mind.

1. We were in an airport’s underground parking. We were hastening to reach our car, luggage in tow and trying not to get run over whilst dragging the kids along. There were a family ahead of us in an equally large hurry. They however had a toddler in a pram. They were zipping that kid this way and that and suddenly one of the kids shoes fell out of the pram. To my horror, literally, they didn’t notice and kept on their hurried route. I literally ran to get the shoe and sprinted after them. They barely glanced down at the shoe, said a hurried ‘thanks’ and sped off! I stood there gob-smacked!

2. I was driving, on my way to work. I pass a park every day on my route. Today as I turned into the road, life seemed to slow down into slow motion. I always glance at the park for some reason. Today my eyes saw a shoe on the grassy pavement. Just one of a pair. This was no ordinary shoe. This looked like a hookers shoe! Red and black with a wedge and spike thin heel. Thoughts flashed in my head of something terrible happening to a working girl and I stared at that shoe like it was a bad omen. The next day it was gone. That park haunts me now every time I drive past.

Shoe hooker

3. Again, driving to work. In the middle of the lane I see a good quality flip flop. A kids leather flip flop. How does a kid loose a flip flop in the middle of traffic in the middle of the road? Thoughts flash through my head of a kid swinging her feet out of the car window or cruising on the back of a bakkie (pick-up).

4. My sister was chucking out a whole lot of clothes she no longer wears to make space for her boyfriend’s clothes, as they are moving in together. I tipped out the black bag and out popped – heaven. Half a bag of shoes. One that caught my eye was stunning! A yellow and black sandal / strop. But, only one. Nooooo! My sister is still looking for it – LOL!

I think the reason lost shoes haunt me is because somewhere out there is a person without one shoe. Why would you leave one behind? How do you lose one shoe? I am sure there is always an interesting story behind it!


One response to “One lost shoe

  1. Except for #4, I’ve had all those thoughts, too. I hate it even worse if I see one shoe on the side of the road, and then about a mile later, I see it’s mate on the side of the road. Was someone trapped in a vehicle and fighting to get out, or was it a couple being frisky while driving? As much as I’d hate to think of such a distracted couple hurtling along, I prefer that to the other scenario.

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