Timber: Update

So a little while back I wrote a blog about a tree that had fallen over in our garden with 3 babies birds trapped inside – here it is if you didn’t manage to read it – https://dragonladysa.wordpress.com/2015/02/15/timber/

So just a brief update. All 3 baby birds have made it. Their new ‘Mum’ gave me a call and asked if we would like to see them just one more time before they were taken to the big aviary at the wildlife rehabilitation centre.

Of course we said yes. They popped over one weekend and I could not believe how much they had grown!

Here are some pics I took:
<img src="https://dragonladysa.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/dsc_1134.jpg?w=169" alt="DSC_1134" width="169"

After they had been at the sanctuary for a week, I smsed Peggy to find out how they were doing. She replied that were in their pre-release aviary and are all looking good. She even sent me a pic ->


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