Things my kids have actually said

Here are some things our kids have ACTUALLY said, sometimes in public…

9 Year old: Goes into a store – bored – pulling random faces
Sales Person: You shouldn’t do that dear, if the wind changes, your face will stay like that!
9 Year old: Is that what happened to you?

Me: Eating copious amounts of chewy sweets one weekend
9 Year old: Mom, you are eating too many sweets and it is not good for you. I am taking these away from you…
Me: Speechless…
9 Year old: Takes my sweets away

Adult: Why are you behaving like this?
5 Year old: I am being mean to you because I don’t like your hair…

Dad: Smoking his cigarette
9 Year old: Dad, I wish you would stop cigaretting for a week… no, for life!

5 Year old: What is hell?
Me: Hell is where the Devil lives and heaven is where God lives.
5 Year old: Can we visit God?
Me: Only when your dead.
5 Year old: Why?
Me: Dead people go to heaven
5 Year old: No they don’t. They become bones and go in the ground!
Me: But what happens to your soul?
5 Year old: It goes into a young person, like a baby in a Mummy’s tummy

9 Year old: Mom, did you give my basket to my sister?
Me: Yes
9 Year old: BUT MOM, that is mine!
Me: (Feeling really bad) I’m sorry, please forgive me! How can I make it up to you?
9 Year old: Can I play Play Station?
Me: Yes

Next day…

9 Year old: Mom, when you said you wanted to make it up to me yesterday, I should have asked for a hamster.
Me: (Shew, huge sigh of relief. Totally dodged a bullet there – mental note made!)

Sometimes my kids are just right about seemingly complex issues. It catches me off guard every time!

When kids are right you just can’t argue with that!

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