Passed out

I know that sometimes it is necessary to go to bed early. If you have had a stressful few days or had poor sleep – go to bed early. If you are feeling a little under the weather, by all means, clock out early. Now if there is load shedding and you have no electricity, it makes sense to pass out a little earlier. Right?

So when I passed out early last night, it should have been acceptable. I have been stressed up to my eyeballs with uncertainty at both my and my Hubby’s works. I have certainly NOT been sleeping well. I feel like Crap, with a capital C AND we had load shedding that started at 18h30.

(For everyone who does not live in South Africa, load shedding is when the corrupt and ineffective company that provides the entire country with electricity has used the money put aside for building new power stations and maintaining the power stations that are already functioning to, I don’t know, go on holiday, buy a new car, get that island you’ve always wanted… As a result they cannot provide enough power for an ever growing population and therefore literally cut the power to sections of the grid for periods of time.)

I digress. Back to early bed times…

So, I went to bed early. So what?

The thing is, I didn’t go to bed early…

I took some amazingly strong pain killers for my migraine and lay on the bed in my work clothes and passed out. Kind of like a drunk person.

There was nothing sweet or ladylike about it.


My Hubby had to load the dishwasher in the dark and wait for the power to come back on so he could switch it on. He tidied up and locked up, blew all the candles out and switched off any lights that were still on. Then he put me UNDER the covers and went to bed himself.

I woke up in the middle of the night and realised to my horror that I was still fully dressed. I immediately took my bra off and went back to sleep. Too tired to even care.

Anyway, I felt rather sheepish the next morning, but damn, I felt like a million bucks!!

I totally needed it, so I am now trying to listen to my body, as I normally ignore it’s signals and hints.

Let’s see how long that lasts…

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