How to get a New Pissy

I was driving home with the girls in the car. My 5 year old is fascinated with Ancient Egypt. We were talking about the pharaohs etc. and I mentioned to her that we would not have domestic cats if it were not for the Ancient Egyptians taming them.

As we pull into the drive way she asks if the new cats are at home. She had misunderstood what I had said and heard: “We have new cats at home!”

(Not that we had all left the house at 7am and fetched the girls straight from school and came home directly. She must think I am really amazing to have magically bought new cats, deposited them at home and picked her up from school.)

So as we get out the car she stomps over to her Dad and tells him that Mom said we had new cats at home and she is cross with me. “Please can we have a pissy?” She pouts at him.

(Pussy cat + Kitty = Pissy)

My Hubby pauses for 10 seconds and says “Yes, we can get a kitten.”

My 9 year old and I just stand there like a pair of guppies – mouth agape with disbelief. I have been wanting another cat for over a year now and she has been asking me for a hamster for at least 6 months.


But the bossy, indignant 5 year old just asks her Dad and he says yes?

She also states “I would like a black one!”

Now it just so happens that I received an email from my Mum that morning saying there was a lady at her work with a black kitten looking for a home. They found the kitten in their garden with their 3 dogs circling it. They are allergic to cats so cannot keep it.

So we have adopted the tiny black kitten and called her Annie. She had a hernia which was a birth defect which we have had repaired.

She is the sweetest and by far the cutest kitten I HAVE EVER SEEN! And I have seen a lot of kittens!

She is another dog in a cat’s body and will literally steal ANY food from you. She has sneaked pieces of pancake, rice krispies, bread, cheese, sipped tea and I don’t even know what else!

We have wizened up now, so if we ever want another pet we are getting the 5 year old to ask Dad!

P.S. Our 9 year old is getting her hamster for her birthday too!


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