How to make friends at a new job

I recently resigned from my job. I was happy there, don’t get me wrong, but things just weren’t the same. Politics and a decline in executive staff had left me not only bored but feeling uncertain.

So, off I started into the scary world of job searching. What a lonely place that is! Not only does it make you doubt yourself in your abilities but it also makes you wonder if you actually have anything to offer! If I had judged myself on the responses I got from my job applications and phone calls to recruitment agencies, I would be on some heavy medication right now!

It’s tough out there! There are so many people looking for a job that to make yourself stand out amongst the hoards of other potential candidates is daunting.

Eventually, with a little help from my friends, I sent out emails to people I knew in the hope that they may know of a potential position for me.

I am very delighted to say that I have found a job, and not just any job, a really good job!

I will be working with my previous boss and his team for an international company. A complete step up for me in company standing, job standing, salary and I will actually be making a difference with actual work to do!


So dropping my girls off at school this morning, I tell my 9 year old that the scariest thing for me when starting a new job is the people.

She looked at me with pity in her eyes and said that there are a few things I need to do to make friends and that she would share these with me.

Here they are – in order:

1. Be clumsy – if you make people laugh they will like you
2. If you are too embarrassed to be clumsy, don’t
3. Look where you are going – you don’t want to fall in front of everyone
4. Be kind
5. Just be yourself and if people don’t like you, then don’t be their friends

So, I have a week to get these practiced down to a T and I should be the most popular cat in the crowd by the end of my first week.

Challenge accepted!


2 responses to “How to make friends at a new job

  1. From the mouths of babes. Your daughter has her head on right – especially with that “Just be yourself” advice. Not too many 9-year-olds are wise enough to realize that.

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