My Rocky Start

I have been at my new job for a month. It’s a really cool job! I work with cool people – a lot of people. The office is smart and so is the dress code. I am busy – which I like to be. All I want to do is learn the systems quickly and prove that I am the exact person they had been looking for.

Week 1 – After a nerve racking first day, we have a public holiday. And then it started…

Getting sick in the first week was not in my career plan! Both my eldest and I were feeling ill – Tonsillitis. I know this because we both suffer from it regularly. I ended up taking her to my grandparents just so I could drag myself into work the next day!

Week 2 – I am feeling rough, but I am a soldier and I go into the office. Eventually I realise self-medicating is not helping and I go to the doctor. Bronchitis. She books me off for one day. I take the day but am frantically working from home. I go in the next day at least and hope the drugs kick in over the weekend.

Work sick

I would love a full week at work please!

Week 3 – I am DYING, but I MUST go in today! I have travel arrangements, VISAs and forex to organise and the gents are travelling tomorrow! I literally zombie my way through Monday but make an early evening appointment to see my doc. Swine flu she says and books me off for the WHOLE week!

work sick dead

Seriously? WTF? Someone is trying to get me fired!

I am so bad though that my Hubby has to stay home from work too just to look after me.

Week 4 – I am surprised how bad Swine Flu is. I have never felt that ill before. I am back at work but I am tired and shaky and have a 50 year old smoker’s cough. I put the box of tissues ON my desk and pretend I am fine. That was the longest week and I am so exhausted by the weekend.

Work sick tissues

By a stroke of luck, my Mum has taken the girls for the weekend. I sleep for 12 hours and wake up on Sunday feeling like a million bucks!

Week 5 – All the bosses are travelling. We are launching a new office in one of the African countries and they have gone up for the opening plus some business development. Great! Now I can catch up on all the little things, get my filing systems in order and be on the ball and ready by next week.

I must take my eldest to the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat specialist). She is getting Tonsillitis every month and my doc feels we may have to have her tonsils out. All my bosses are out of the country so taking her now is perfect.

We have the appointment and the ENT agrees that we should consider having them out. To which my daughter replies “Ok, see you tomorrow then!”

He is surprised by her enthusiasm, but checks his diary. He has space. My mind is racing. More time off work? It’s the last of the school holidays and all my bosses are gone. I can work from home.

Fine – let’s do it!


I try to work from home. It’s difficult as my little girl had a rough time at the hospital and is in a lot of pain. I can’t concentrate very well.

The second day at home is Friday and she is feeling better. I get quite a bit done.

Your boss phoned to remind you that you work for him

My first probationary hearing is on Tuesday and I have a bad feeling about it! I wouldn’t be very impressed with me!

I have always been an overly honest person. (I do tell lies – I am no saint!) I do have a bad feeling about the hearing though. Even though I have been 100% honest, I can’t help feeling guilty about having so much time off.


Only time will tell. Let’s see if honesty really is the best policy!

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