Donning the housework hat

I had an early morning message on Saturday from our domestic to let me know she would not be coming in, as she was ill.

For everyone not in South Africa, most of us incredibly fortunate people employ someone to clean our house – a domestic. Our domestic is amazing and she makes my life so much better. I would be miserable without her!
Poor thing! And poor me!

I had to don the domestic hat now.

So early Sunday morning, my domestic hat was on and I was ready! I had prepped the kids.

Prepped the kids? YES – child labour rocks!


I hadn’t expected any help, but they were ready.

The 5 year old was horrified by the prospect of emptying the dustbins and when she saw me cleaning the toilet she nearly lost it.

She did the sweeping. Half the house. Badly.

The 9 year old was delighted and wanted to help me with everything!

She did the rest of the sweeping. Half the house. Better. She also mopped all the floors and unloaded the dishwasher. WITH A SMILE!

I did the bathrooms, the laundry and tidied the house in general – no small feat!

Not to be out done, my Hubby spent half of Saturday and Sunday sorting out the garage. It was a mammoth task but he did it! (He even threw things away!)

It is good to work together as a family. We live together in the house and make a mess together. Our domestic looks after us well. Even though she only comes through once a week, that lets the rest of us full time workers and school goers relax a bit more on the weekend.

On a normal Saturday I do the laundry and my husband looks after the garden but when you add the rest of the housework it can be overwhelming!

So no, we are not lazy people. We are lucky people. Doing the work ourselves while our lady rests and recuperates at home helps us remember what she does for us and what she enables us to do by taking this task away from us.
I think it is good for the girls to feel that what they do is important. I thanked them and hugged them and kissed them…

It was so nice not doing it all on my own. Their company, enthusiasm and effort was amazing.
Oh and I pulled a muscle in my neck doing the housework. That’s so sad… but it’s true.

One response to “Donning the housework hat

  1. As a fellow South African, I know exactly what you are talking about, our domestic is a lifesaver! I don’t know how to iron properly and I tend to break appliances, she is awesome!

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