Knights in Shining Armor

It has been a real roller coaster the last few months.

The last two weeks take the cake though!

Last week a lady I used to work with passed away. Her memorial was last week Thursday. She wasn’t old or unhealthy. One brain tumor and she was gone. Barely into her 40s and one of the nicest people you could ever meet. At the memorial they thanked all the people who had helped her and the family in her last days. People who gave up their time to visit and comfort her and her family.

My Mum’s gardener died too, on Saturday. 3 weeks ago my siblings and I had organised an ambulance to rush him to the hospital. He had had a stroke and fallen out of bed. We still don’t know what he died of, not being blood relatives, the hospital refuses to tell us.

My sister and I kept in contact with the family and when he passed away my Mum paid for the funeral. She asked the minister to say a few words from our family at the funeral. He meant a lot to our family and we were all broken hearted at his passing

On Wednesday my car wouldn’t start as I was trying to go home from work. 2 security guards tried to push start it with me but it wouldn’t work. I called 2 of my colleagues who were still in the office and they came down to help me. The jumper cables looked like they had experienced both world wars and they didn’t work.

1 colleague left his car next to mine in case I could get them to work and they ran back up to the office to find someone who had working cables. In the meanwhile a family of German tourists had come into the basement and had taken the time to learn of my problem and to help me to start the car.

Moments later my colleague came back. He had run to the shop to buy new set of cables, which he wouldn’t let me pay for!

We are all surrounded by ‘knights in shining armor’ and a lot of us are ‘knights in shining armor’ to someone else. X


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