I laughed instead

Another morning.  Another rushed morning. Tick tock, tick tock – what have you forgot?

My girls are 10 yrs and 6 yrs old and they know the drill by now. I get them up at 6am and we need to leave by 7am. I have to get them to school on time and then drive the 20km in peak hour traffic to the office and be on time too.

It’s a struggle every morning and the struggle is real!

Struggle 1

90% of the time it’s the 6yr old that can’t get it right in the morning. She plays and day dreams and pretty much does everything except get ready.

Mornings are the daily battleground, filled with moaning, shouting, crying and the losing of tempers from both camps. (Yes, I have burst into tears from shear frustration a couple of times. I’m not proud of it, but there it is…)

Was today any different? Not at all!

My kids don’t have an appetite in the morning and so we don’t ‘do’ breakfast.

(I can hear your breath rasp in from the shock and now the judgement has settled in. We have fought tooth and nail for weeks to get breakfast into them, and all we got was bowls of cold porridge and tears. Choose your battles they say, and so I have chosen mine!)

That said, when we get in the car, the 6yr old is nibbly and her daily custom is a packet of dried fruit.

Today, we leap into the car – kind of like Charlie’s Angels – seat belts on and ready to go.

The 6 yr old has to practice her reading in the morning, and so has to annihilate the said dried fruit at a rapid rate.

She is MY child, so this is not an issue.

She opens the packet of dried fruit, with a little too much zest, and suddenly the world is in slow motion. Tiny little purple bits of fruit are flying through the air, as if the bag has exploded. They hit the roof of the car, her window, my lap, the dashboard. EVERYTHING!

I cannot help myself…

I start to laugh. (OMG, she is the clumsiest kid I know, but her face was priceless as the fruit leapt from the bag in every direction known to science!)

The kids are silent. “Has Mom lost the plot? Is she going to start screaming and ripping her hair out?”

Nervous seconds tick by. I am still laughing hysterically and they realise it’s safe.

All 3 of us burst into laughter a new for a good 10 minutes.

The hectic rush of the morning forgotten and only smiles and laughter are left.

It could have gone so differently but I’m glad, this time, I was able to see the funny side of it.

I still have to clean my car though…

Car mess

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