A Child’s Observation

My hubby and I are the kind of people who finish getting ready at home.

He spends a good portion of the morning on his beard and takes pride in it.

I need to make sure I transform my ‘dragged through a bush’ hairstyle to something much neater. I have been blasé about it a few times and tried tying my hair up in the car. Nope. It looked dreadful and I had to fix it as I walked into the office.


So when I see ladies doing their makeup or kids tying up their hair up in the car, I find it rather fascinating. I watch in awe at their ability to do this on-the-go grooming.

This is mind, let me tell you what happened this morning.

I am taking my daughters to school. We are in the car sitting in the traffic, not moving at the moment.

I glance in my rear view mirror and I see the man behind me brushing his beard.


Obviously, I find this incredibly amusing, so I tell the kids.

They think that this is very funny and both whip around to have a look.

The guy then puts down his brush and suddenly has a lit cigarette in his mouth. I look again and he is drinking coffee. I blink and he is texting on his phone!

“Shew”, I say to the girls “a man that can multitask!”

(Then I had to explain what multitasking was and how men are teased about not being able to do it.)

I said “well, no one’s stopping him from doing it!”

Without a pause, my 6yo says “No one’s going to stop him. He’s too sexy.”

I was dead. We packed out laughing and I blushed all the way to the school.

P.S. In our defense, my hubby sports a thick awesome beard, so we may be biased. 🙂


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