Faithful to Nature – Ethical & Organic Online Store

Faithful-to Nature – (

This website is awesome! They have sourced products from all over the place that are organic, natural, are not tested on animals, vegan and just down right hard to find!

Description: often try to find products that are not tested on animals and cleaning products in particular are scarce to come by.

It is a bit ‘trial and error’ at times. I have found products that I adore! I have also had a couple of products that just don’t work for me. I suppose I have had that buying products in the normal fashion too though!

They offer free delivery for orders of R250 and over and always add a free sample to your order for you to try out. Their customer service is excellent and in addition to responding quickly to e-mails and requests from the website, they also keep you in contact via e-mail with details of your orders status and there is always a quirky hand written note on your invoice.

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